Golden Gate Park

I’ve been meaning to visit Golden Gate park since I moved to San Francisco in May. However, I didn’t get a chance to actually do so until last weekend. Surprisingly, you can’t actually see the Golden Gate Bridge from the park, but it is still awesome! My girlfriend and I have really only explored about 10% of the park (it’s huge!) but it has become one of my favorite places in the city. I’m really excited to post these photos since I’ve been shooting a lot of black and white film lately. Lucem Tempore could use some COLOR.

This is the Conservatory of Flowers. It costs $5 to go inside but completely worth it. I like to consider myself a bit of an amateur botanist, so I really enjoy getting to see rare and exquisite plants. It was a little chilly outside that day, but felt so nice and tropical inside.

san francisco, golden gate park, daily photography

An added bonus were the traditional British folk dancers who were performing outside! Apparently there are several British folk dancing clubs around the Bay Area, and they were all having a meet-up at Golden Gate Park that day. The theme of their outfits was black and white. There was even a life band playing the music. golden gate park, san francisco, daily photography

san francisco, daily photography, folk dancer, golden gate park

The Conservatory of Flowers has a massive collection of rare orchids and carnivorous. I don’t believe this particular plant belonged to either group but I loved its dangling blooms.  golden gate park, san francisco, daily phtography

golden gate park, san francisco, daily photography


I thought this looked like something out of an alien movie.

The floors of the Conservatory have exquisite tile work, and even the drains are included. There are sprayers in the ceiling that literally make it rain on the plants a few times per hour and keeps the place very humid. DSC_5284


Greenhouse roof


If you ever visit San Francisco and need something to do, definitely keep Golden Gate Park and the Conservatory of Flowers on your list! For reference it is very easily accessible from public transit. There is a bus route that picks you up on Market St. by any of the BART stops and ends at the park gate nearest the Conservatory.

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